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 Map FAQ - Draenor Ruins

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PostSubject: Map FAQ - Draenor Ruins   Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:18 am

What's Different & New In The WMNG Maps?
We Feature Alot Of New Stuff, Wif 1 Of The Most Unique Systems, Hero Advancing.

What Is Hero Advancing?
-When A Hero Is Spawned Frm An Altar, Most Probably U Wil Choose 1 Of The Abilities & Start The Hero,
Wif Hero Advancement, 1 Or Multiple Advancing Abilities R Given To A Jus Spawned Hero Until It Learns A
Ability Frm The Default Hero(Exp: Blood Mage Learns Flame Strike, Advancing Spell:Power Of Alchemy Wil
Be Removed.

What Will Happen When U Hero Advance?
-A New Hero Spawns At The Position Of The Advancing Hero. Usually, The Hero Spawned Wil Look Same Or
Similar To The Default Hero. However, The Hero Attributes & Abilities Vary Greatly.

Does Tis System Work For All Heroes?
-Currently, No. Creating Hero Advancing System Work For All Heroes In Melee Maps Is Almost Impossible.
As It Takes Up A Large Amount Of Time, It Is Not Considered Yet. Onli Heroes Wif Potential Advancing
Abilities Wil Be Chosen & Worked On.

Wil Tis Type Of Map Be Released Anytime Soon?
-For Draenor Ruins, The Answer Is Yes, And It Wil Be Soon. We Wil Onli Be Featuring Vindicator & Ragemaster
In The 1st Beta Version Of WMNG Maps. However, Thr Wil Stil Be New Stuff Like Exclusive Units, Buildings
And More To Enhance Game-playing.

Will The File Size Be Too Large Or Wil Wc3 TFT Crash Wen I Run The Game?
-Note That File Size Is Currently A Problem We R Facing, As File Size Is Nided For Game-playing Enhancement.
We Wil Most Probably Release A Low-Filesize & High-Filesize Version, To Allow Players To Optimize Both
Versions. Secondly, No. Wc3 TFT Wil Nvr Crash While Running WMNG Maps. Why? Admins & Moderators Wil
Test The Map Out Several Times Befor Releasing The Map Publicly. If It Crashes, The Display Crd On Ur Com
May Be Not Strong Enugh To Withstand Wc3 TFT Graphics.

Thx For Ur Attention,
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Map FAQ - Draenor Ruins
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