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 Hero FAQ - Vindicator(Draenei)

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PostSubject: Hero FAQ - Vindicator(Draenei)   Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:07 am

Non-Advancement(Currently) Hero, Draenei(Human) Race
Basically, It Is Gud As A Defensive Or Aid Hero.

Hero Attributes:
Strength(Main): 15
Agility: 14
Intelligence: 21

Why Strength As Main Build? Simple, If Intelligence Is Main Build, Its Dmg At Lvl 5-10 Is Too High
With Its Current Support-Based Abilities.

Spells & Abilities:

Spell 1 - Gift Of The Naaru(Ripped Frm WoW)
Lvl1 - Heals A Target Friendly Unit For Vindicator's Str+Int+75.
Lvl2 - Heals A Target Friendly Unit For Vindicator's Str+Int+150.
Lvl3 - Heals A Target Friendly Unit For Vindicator's Str+Int+225.

Spell 2 - Seal Of Speed
Lvl1 - Increases Movement Spd By 15% & Atk Spd By 10%. Lasts 30 Seconds.
Lvl2 - Increases Movement Spd By 25% & Atk Spd By 15%. Lasts 30 Seconds.
Lvl3 - Increases Movement Spd By 35% & Atk Spd By 20%. Lasts 30 Seconds.

Spell 3 - Seal Of Guidance(Heavy Mana Consuming)
Lvl1 - Dmg Increases 20%, Armor Increases By 2, HP & MP Regeneration 5%, Lasts 90 Seconds.
Lvl2 - Dmg Increases 30%, Armor Increases By 3, HP & MP Regeneration 5%, Lasts 120 Seconds.
Lvl3 - Dmg Increases 40%, Armor Increases By 4, HP & MP Regeneration 5%, Lasts 150 Seconds.

Spell 4 - Judgment Day(Ulti)
Lvl1 - Deals 150 Dmg In 600 Radius, And Slows All Enemy Units Movement & Atk Spd By 75%.
Doubled If Vindicator Has A Seal On Him(Guidance Or Speed).

Current Bugs Unfixed:

Thx For Ur Attention.
If U R Interested In Helping Us Out, Feel Free To Send Me A PM Or Register & Post Here.
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Hero FAQ - Vindicator(Draenei)
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